Amsense Bike (Model 1003)

When bound to a wheel chair you know the problem all too well.
You would like to use a Training Bike but you could not climb up on to it.
And even if you could, the lowest resistance level is too high for most sit in a wheel Chair.
Our Amsense Bikes are superbly designed by Doctor's and engineers to be used while still sitting in your wheel chair or normal armchair and with a very low starting resistance level.
Another important character of our Amsense Bike is that we use a shorter crank (only 10cm versus a normal 14cm crank) for the pedals. In this way, you do not need to make a too big movement while you are pedaling.
The handle bar is a unique design. It enables the customer to pedal stably when holding the handle bar with the hands.
The specially designed heel cup of aluminium alloy help you to fix your feet onto the pedal easily.
The Amsense Bike is produced small enough to fit in any normal household and fine enough to train your Legs back towards a strong step into the future.